“I have always gone to the gym on a regular basis, but the weight had been slowly creeping on and I was getting married in 6 months. My wedding dress was strapless with a low back and I wanted to achieve upper body and back definition so I could look great on the big day. I starting working out with Todd once and then twice a week, and by the time of my wedding I really could see the difference with much improved upper body tone and musculature. Having a personal trainer was also great motivation to get my eating habits under control and I lost 15 lbs over the 6 months. Now post wedding I am hoping to keep off the weight and keep the hard earned muscles by continuing to work out with Todd on a regular basis.”
Dr. Toni B.
Radiation Oncologist

“Todd has the unique ability to be supportive and encouraging while still pushing me to limits that are beyond what I thought possible for myself. He dedicates time and energy well beyond our hourly sessions to help me with food choices, supplement selection and my general well being. The weight I’ve lost while working with Todd has been great, but the education in my health is what has really made the investment well worth it.”
Amber A.
Director of Online Communities

“What do you get when you cross a chiropractor with a personal trainer? This is no joke... you get Dr. Todd Starr, trainer extraordinaire! If you are tired of the personal trainers that spend more time flaunting their own musculature and persuading you that you can be physically perfect if you push the limits with no emphasis on form or long term goals, then you should meet Dr. Starr. Todd possesses the perfect combination of an extensive knowledge of kinesiology and muscle structure with top training techniques learned through a myriad of courses including the famed Poliquin. Todd also has his clients’ total well being in mind when advising on diet and nutritional supplements and explaining how they will improve overall health. I have had the privilege of training with Todd for the past year and have never felt better. I started working out on my 50th birthday and had several trainers in the past 4 years but Todd has addressed specific physical issues like no others. On the personal side, Todd's general demeanor is calming yet forceful, exactly what one needs to work hard and achieve goals. I have dropped 40lbs, shed 20% body fat and 5 clothing sizes and at 54 years old feel better than I did in my 20's!”
Elizabeth S.

“I had just finished six months of chemo, when Todd agreed to work with me to help rebuild my strength. That was 18 months ago and now I'm working out 3 to 4 times a week and feeling great. Thanks to Todd's expertise and attention to detail I was able to go on a golf holiday 3 months after we started strength training. Todd provides just the right combination of encouragement and discipline all backed by his extensive education and experience. Workouts with Todd are also a lot of fun!”
Glenda H.
Bank VP (retired!)

“Before being referred to Dr. Starr I was in physiotherapy for 10 months treating a shoulder injury. After the first 3 months the effects of physiotherapy hit a plateau because it was only treating the symptoms of an underlying problem. Within 4 treatments with Dr. Starr I was standing more upright, sitting with more comfort and I began returning to rigorous activities that I enjoyed prior to my injury. Dr. Starr’s whole body approach to treatment along with his complete knowledge of training has made an enormous impact in my life and likely prevented months of continued pain and a possible surgery.”
Derek S.

“I thought I knew something about nutrition having been taught the Canada Food Guide in school, but it was only after meeting with Dr. Starr for the first time did I realize how uninformed I was and how far information on proper eating habits had come. Todd taught me how to eat healthy and safely. I was so impressed with his wealth of knowledge and the simplicity of his message that I had to have him on my radio program on CFRB to share some of what made such a difference to me. And that difference? My loss of over forty pounds and a new outlook on eating right. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”
Patrice Mousseau
Radio and TV Personality

“I have had back problems for many years due to a car accident and a herniated disc. Dr. Starr’s treatment regime of adjustments, ART, and one-to-one training has always put me back on track. Thanks Dr. Starr.”
Linnaeus P.

“I first went to see Todd when my friend told me that I should get myself a personal trainer. I knew it would be expensive but I wanted to be in shape for my 30th birthday, so I thought I would look into it. In March of 2008 I weighed 185 pounds and my body was 22% fat. By July, a month before my birthday, I weighed 165 pounds and was at 15% fat. I lost 5” from my waist! My body had completely transformed. I was surprised how much more effective it was working with a trainer. I used to work out for 90 minutes or more and was spending a good portion of that time doing cardio. With Todd I workout for an hour and get dramatic results in less time and without cardio. When I first saw Todd I was suffering from chronic knee pain and the imbalances that resulted from it. Todd chose exercises that strengthened my knee and it hasn't bothered me for months. Now it is August and I love my new body. I look and feel better than ever. It was one of the greatest life-changing decisions I ever made and in the end, the greatest cost was replacing my wardrobe.”
James M.